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About Bonicelli Kitchen

Bonicelli Kitchen began nine years ago as Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery, an idea Chef Laura Bonicelli had on a long flight home from Europe. Her concept was simply to find the best local ingredients and use her original recipes to bring meals into the home that would rival any dish found in a fine dining restaurant. Now, at Bonicelli Kitchen we can bring those same dishes right to your table. Our small plates, our specially curated beer and wine list and the restaurant’s warm atmosphere make every meal an experience to remember.

To put it simply, at Bonicelli Kitchen, we live to eat! We hope you’ll join us for a meal so we can share our passion for cooking, family and above all, our love of great food.



(612) 259-7851



1839 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN 55418



Mon-Sat 5:00PM-9:30PM

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Everyone has a relationship with food. This is to help make yours - a little bit better. 

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