I have been lucky enough to enjoy Chef Bonicelli's food over the years as a long term...

client of her meal delivery service and a patron of her restaurant. I love her food and the love she puts into it! I joined the club as soon as I heard about it. I jumped at the chance to see her perspective (and possibly get that lemon pasta recipe!) . I am almost through “The basics” and I have learned so much. I thought I knew my way around a kitchen, but her perspective has completely changed how I cook and how I think about cooking. Every lesson has basic knowledge and lots of new information so the classes have appeal and value to cooks at any level.

The live webinars and office hours that are included with the club have been a great way to connect with Chef Laura and other students. Chef does respond to e-mails as well, which comes in handy from time to time. This truly unique concept has become something that I look forward to participating in every week because there’s new content in the courses released weekly I am always learning something new and getting new inspiration.

Join the club!

Susan D.

Laura Bonicelli