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Shrimp in Crazy Water

Gamberoni All’Aqua Pazza. Shrimp in Crazy Water is an example of how Italians love to make little jokes about their food. But this recipe is no joke! The liquorish flavor of the fennel melds with the sweetness of the tomatoes and the heat of the peppers giving it great deal of depth - even for a fairly quick dish.

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Asparagus Bundles

I LOVE asparagus, prosciutto, cheese, and balsamic vinegar. I’ve included this recipe in the Club course “Show stopping sides”, but it also makes a wonderful appetizer or light dinner. Oven roasting asparagus is a great way to go even if you aren’t making this dish. The asparagus takes on an almost nutty flavor and retains it’s beautiful color and crunch! Truly though, this dish is at it’s best when the asparagus is super fresh and, if you’re lucky, you can make it the day you get it from the market.

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