Butternut Squash Pancakes with Apple Maple Syrup Sauce

I demo this recipe in the Fall every year at the Minneapolis Farmers Market! It’s absolutely a crowd pleaser. One of my favorite things about dishes like this is that they work just as well in the morning as they do in the evening. Who doesn’t LOVE “breakfast for dinner”! Also, children really like the sauce which is easily made without alcohol - no substitutions necessary just eliminate it. Finally, the sauce would work really well over vanilla ice-cream too!

Buon Appetito

Chef Laura Bonicelli

How to make Squash pancakes with Apple Syrup Sauce "These pancakes are the culinary equivalent of "Fall" to me. I always pair them with my Apple Maple Syrup Sauce. It has a touch of brandy and Minnesota maple syrup, which is the best! The sweet and savory combination is fabulous.
Mark LaFavor