Seedling Update


I was so excited about the arrival of my seeds! All of those beautiful packages with the promise of my meals coming from my own backyard! But, getting set up was quite a process. There were lights to buy and install on chains. We had to find the right sized heating mat to start the seedlings - containers - soil stuff - a timer. The only thing we actually owned prior to this was the spay bottle I’m using to keep the soil moist. But now, we planted, and they are growing. Oh - this did lead to cleaning the basement….all good!

I’m having great success with the squash and cucumbers. My basil and thyme are doing well as are most of the tomatoes. I’m waiting on some of the herbs and may reseed those. I bought some of the seeds from here and they are the ones I am most excited about. if you aren’t familiar - this is Chef Dan Barber’s collaboration with breeder Michael Mazourek, and seedsman Matthew Goldfarb.

Now, the next purchase is larger pots and we’ll start transplanting. Here’s the thing. next year I’m I’ll have leftover seeds and most of my investment has been made. Over time this is going to be financially smart and we’ll have less lawn to mow! But, the best thing is watching the daily progress - more soon!

Buon Appetito!