How To Water Your Plants (without killing them) 2 suggestions

I used to be a houseplant murderer! I always did my homework on each plant’s requirements, but I never could get the watering right - always over or under watering. So for years I was plant free. I just didn’t want to kill another one. Then one day a friend of mine gave me an orchid. It was sooo beautiful. I decided to learn how to water plants in a way that I wasn’t in control of. Here are two of them:

Ice cubes

I use ice cubes (1 to 3 per plant - depending on the plant size - once per week) I use fertilizer every other week (I freeze it in the water in the ice cubes. ) I have silicone ice cube trays that I only use for the plants - that’s important. No-one wants plant fertilizer in their cocktail! I just place the cubes near the base of each plant and let them melt. That’s it. Every once in a while one will hit the floor, but for the most part - it’s perfect.


Bottom watering.

This is ideal for African Violets. I water them weekly. I put about an inch of water in my sink and set the plants in the water. (They must be in a pot with holes in the bottom.) I put fertilizer in the water every other week and that’s it. It’s perfect for violets because they don’t love wet leaves. I let them sit in the water for a couple of hours. Then I pull the plug and let them drain. They are so happy! Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Laura Bonicelli