Overcoming Spring Cleaning and Clean-up - One Day at a Time

This time of year terrifies me! In Minnesota, the Winters are long and we all pray for an early Spring. But, once it arrives - I go into complete overwhelm. Why? Spring Cleaning and all of the other tasks that come with Spring. This year, the to-do list I’ve been keeping over the Winter kept me sane because I had something to look forward to. But now that Spring is here, I’m totally stalled! The tasks and projects on my list range from small, like putting hooks in the garage to hang the bikes and starting my seeds - to HUGE, like putting in 2 new gardens, window washing (the entire house), organic lawn fertilizing, cleaning the basement which leads to cleaning the garage- which leads to getting a dumpster - which means garage sale? HELP! Every task seems to create another! My list gave me something to look forward to . But now - it’s all here and all at one time! (I won’t even bring up the deck we want to build!)

Amidst my panic and subsequent morose state of mind, I started thinking about why I don’t overwhelm with my work. Well, I have a very formal approach to my work - in an out of the kitchen. For example, I didn’t expect to build my website in one day. Building my website was an initial item on my “To-do” list, but then it became the title of a separate list with a whole bunch of broken down steps. All of those steps went into a calendar. I didn’t stress out about getting it done - I just made it into a formal process and felt fine about being exactly where I said I would be. If I did get behind, I just would move the task to a new date and I felt fine about that too because then I wasn’t behind anymore. I use the website as an example, because I wanted to build the site myself and I did (with the help of my extremely tech savvy husband). I wanted to be able to change anything on the site without any help - and I can.

So I started thinking, what if I just pretend that I am being hired to take care of this Spring to-do list? What would my approach be as a professional? The first thing is it wouldn’t be emotional. It would be a job. I like that! I wouldn’t just write tasks and steps down on a list - I’d schedule them! My expectations would be related to a reasonable time-line and everything would be stepped out and put into an calendar. I use Monday.com to plan all of my content production for the club. it’s an on-line tool where you can build boards filled with tasks and check points that all feed into your on-line calendar. Sooooo…..Below is the board I started on Monday.com. It’s the beginning. I love the fact that I can estimate the cost, figure out who is going to do it (it sends my husband an e-mail when I select him or make updates - I am not sure if he loves that but I do!) and I can assign a date and check the task off when it’s done. All of this goes into my calendar automatically and I can view the tasks along with my other tasks on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.51.55 AM.png

I am feeling better already! Now, I’ll still keep my list - because that’s how I’m wired. However, it no longer makes me freak out when I look at it! I’m not a Monday.com salesperson - organize and schedule anyway you wish - just get it done! and have a happy Spring everyone!

Chef Laura