My First Seed Order and Garden blog Post

I have finally done it! I placed my first seed orders and written my first post in my lifestyle/garden blog - and it doesn’t include a recipe! My husband Mark and I are going to start plants from seed in the basement for our garden. The garden doesn’t exist yet. We have a yard with great sunlight exposure, but I haven’t gotten past how I’m going to manage gardening time until now. Making it part of my job should help with that! I went to the University of Minnesota for help on how to set up my basement with shelves and grow lights and they basically answered all of my questions. After pricing out the equipment needed (more on that in a future post), I will spend about as much on setting up the heated shelves, pots, and seeds as I would buying the starter plants. The U of MN publishes a wonderful newsletter and they are such a great resource! As for the seeds, here’s where I ordered from Row 7 Seed Company (started by Chef Dan Barber) and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Row 7 has a very small curated selection (they just started in business) . I ordered one pack of almost everything (my total cost was just over $30.00. They charge shipping. Baker Creek does not charge shipping and I got mostly tomatoes and lettuces from them. Oh - and Padron Peppers from Northern Spain which I love and am really excited about growing my own.


I’ll post my (hopefully) successful progress and I’ll be seeking advice from local experts when we get closer to transferring the plants outside and posting about that as well. I’ll be drawing heavily on my pals from the Minneapolis Farmers Market and some of my successful gardening friends. It doesn’t look like it today - but Spring is coming! and I can’t wait!