Bonicelli Kitchen
Bonicelli Dinner Menu

Open For Dinner Monday-Saturday 5-10pm

Small Plates - To Be Mixed and Matched

Balsamic Braised Beef - 14 (GF)
Tender shredded beef in a sweet & tangy sauce that weds perfectly
with peppery horseradish farmers market red potatoes.

Berkshire Pork Baby Back Ribs (GF)(DF)
Slow cooked Berkshire pork baby back ribs Seasoned w/ Carolina
dry rub, served with chipotle bbq sauce & green apple slaw.

Pizza Fritte - 10
Roman street food in Minneapolis! Light fried pizza dough topped w/
mushrooms & other veggies, Bonicelli marinara, pesto, mozzarella.

Torta Rustica with Bonicelli Tomato Sauce - 13
Layers of spinach, eggplant, provolone cheese and peppers
encased in an absolutely fabulous påte brisée crust.

Asiago Fries - 7 (GF)
Thick-cut potatoes, crisp fried and sprinkled with asiago,
served with sambal mayo.

Spring Pea Soup w/ Asiago Crisps - 8 (GF)
A creamy soup made with italian chestnuts simmered with leeks and bay leaf.

Farinata and Roasted Veggies - 11
Chickpea flatbread with roasted sweet cherry tomatoes and peppers.

Orange Fennel Salad - 9 (GF)(DF)
Mixed greens and lettuces with fruit and fennel bulb shavings.

Orland's Famous Meatball - 14
A Bonicelli family recipe perfected by Chef Laura's Father
served w/ Bucatini

Available in Small and Large Plates

Pasta Bolognese - 13/18
House-made linguini with a traditional shredded beef bolognese sauce.

Lemon Pasta with Basil - 11/17
House-made pasta served in the traditional lemon cream sauce of Positano.

Salad Nicoise - 13/19 (GF)(DF)
Farm fresh vegetables finished with spanish tuna, french salt-packed capers,
and our very special made-from-scratch nicoise dressing.

Bonicelli Kitchen proudly sources from local farmers and producers whenever possible.
We gratefully use the finest ingredients available and make everything, from our house
mayo and dressings to our tortillas, from scratch. Breads, pastries, and desserts are baked
daily in our own kitchen. Please ask your server or visit our website for a list of our resources.
–Chef Bonicelli
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